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    FMB-SJ corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance centrifu

    FMB-SJ corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance centrifu

    FMB-SJ corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance centrifu

    FMB-SJ corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance centrifu
    Material: UHMW-PE/HT200
    DN: 25mm-300mm
    PN: 16bar
    Q: 3.6m3/h-1000m3/h
    H: 5m-80m
    T: -20°C-120°C
    P: 0.75kw-250kw

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    General Overview

    General Overview

    • Fmb-sj wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mortar pump is referred to as "fmb-sj mortar pump". The flow passage parts are made of a new generation of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant alloy in China at present. The pump has outstanding advantages of wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. SJ / cartridge mechanical seal structure is designed to adapt to various working conditions.
    • Fmb-sj wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mortar pump is especially suitable for conveying acid, alkaline clear liquid or slurry; various corrosive mineral slurry in smelting industry; various organic acids, strong oxidants, various sewage in environmental protection industry, etc., with a wide range of applications.
    • Anhui Jiangnan Co., Ltd. adheres to the brand operation. The corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant pump and mortar pump manufactured by it have the advantages of wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, outstanding high temperature resistance, stable and reliable operation, low noise, small vibration, long service life, etc.
    Applicable fields Model parameters
    N Model Rev=2900r/min   Medium density=1000kg/m ³
    Flow Pump head η Inlet Outlet Npsh Power Weight
    (m³/h) (m) (%) (mm) (mm) (m) (kw) (kg)
    1 FMB-SJ32-25-125 3.6 20 18 Ф32 Ф25 3 1.5 95
    2 FMB-SJ32-25-160 3.6 32 13 Ф32 Ф25 3 2.2 105
    3 FMB-SJ40-32-125 6.3 20 21 Ф40 Ф32 3 2.2 110
    4 FMB-SJ40-32-160 6.3 32 25 Ф40 Ф32 3 3 110
    5 FMB-SJ50-32-125 12.5 20 42 Ф50 Ф32 3 3 110
    6 FMB-SJ50-32-160 12.5 32 40 Ф50 Ф32 3 4 120
    7 FMB-SJ50-40-200 12.5 50 30 Ф50 Ф40 5 7.5 170
    8 FMB-SJ65-50-125 25 20 53 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 4 130
    9 FMB-SJ65-50-160 25 32 51 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 7.5 145
    10 FMB-SJ65-50-200 25 50 46 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 11 210
    11 FMB-SJ65-50-250 25 80 30 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 22 250
    12 FMB-SJ80-65-125 50 20 56 Ф80 Ф65 4 7.5 150
    13 FMB-SJ80-65-160 50 32 55 Ф80 Ф65 4 11 180
    14 FMB-SJ80-65-200 50 50 49 Ф80 Ф65 4 18.5 265
    15 FMB-SJ80-65-250 50 80 49 Ф80 Ф65 4 30 450
    16 FMB-SJ100-80-125 100 20 57 Ф100 Ф80 4.5 15 240
    17 FMB-SJ100-80-160 100 32 60 Ф100 Ф80 4.5 18.5 290
    18 FMB-SJ100-80-200 100 50 56 Ф100 Ф80 5 30 440
    19 FMB-SJ125-100-125 150 20 60 Ф125 Ф100 5.5 18.5 480
    20 FMB-SJ125-100-160 150 32 58 Ф125 Ф100 5.5 30 520
    21 FMB-SJ125-100-200 150 40 55 Ф125 Ф100 5.5 37 530
    N Model Rev=1450r/min   Medium density=1000kg/m ³
    Flow Pump head η Inlet Outlet Npsh Power Weight
    (m³/h) (m) (%) (mm) (mm) (m) (kw) (kg)
    1 FMB-SJ50-32-125 6.3 5 37 Ф50 Ф32 3 0.75 80
    2 FMB-SJ50-32-160 6.3 8 35 Ф50 Ф32 3 0.75 80
    3 FMB-SJ50-40-200 6.3 12.5 35 Ф50 Ф40 5 1.5 115
    4 FMB-SJ65-50-125 12.5 5 45 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 1.1 110
    5 FMB-SJ65-50-160 12.5 8 43 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 1.1 115
    6 FMB-SJ65-50-200 12.5 12.5 39 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 2.2 160
    7 FMB-SJ65-50-250 12.5 20 37 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 4 240
    8 FMB-SJ65-50-315 12.5 32 39 Ф65 Ф50 3.5 7.5 270
    9 FMB-SJ80-65-125 25 5 48 Ф80 Ф65 4 1.5 130
    10 FMB-SJ80-65-160 25 8 53 Ф80 Ф65 4 1.5 135
    11 FMB-SJ80-65-200 25 12.5 45 Ф80 Ф65 4 3 170
    12 FMB-SJ80-65-250 25 20 42 Ф80 Ф65 4.5 5.5 270
    13 FMB-SJ80-50-315 30 32 39 Ф80 Ф50 5 7.5 295
    14 FMB-SJ80-65-315 25 32 39 Ф80 Ф65 5 11 295
    15 FMB-SJ80-65-400 25 50 35 Ф80 Ф65 5 22 480
    16 FMB-SJ100-80-125 50 5 52 Ф100 Ф80 5 1.5 165
    17 FMB-SJ100-80-160 50 8 55 Ф100 Ф80 5 2.2 220
    18 FMB-SJ100-80-200 50 12.5 52 Ф100 Ф80 5 4 340
    19 FMB-SJ100-80-250 50 20 50 Ф100 Ф80 5 7.5 390
    20 FMB-SJ100-80-315 50 32 46 Ф100 Ф80 5 15 450
    21 FMB-SJ100-80-400 50 50 42 Ф100 Ф80 5 22 520
    22 FMB-SJ125-100-160 100 8 56 Ф125 Ф100 5 11 480
    23 FMB-SJ125-100-200 100 12.5 54 Ф125 Ф100 5 15 500
    24 FMB-SJ125-100-250 100 20 52 Ф125 Ф100 5 18.5 550
    25 FMB-SJ125-100-315 100 32 49 Ф125 Ф100 5.5 30 680
    26 FMB-SJ125-100-400 100 50 46 Ф125 Ф100 5.5 37 720
    27 FMB-SJ150-125-200 200 12.5 56 Ф150 Ф125 5.5 22 720
    28 FMB-SJ150-125-250 200 20 53 Ф150 Ф125 5.5 30 780
    29 FMB-SJ150-125-315 200 32 48 Ф150 Ф125 6 45 850
    30 FMB-SJ150-125-400 200 50 43 Ф150 Ф125 6 75 1100
    31 FMB-SJ200-150-250 400 20 56 Ф200 Ф150 7 55 890
    32 FMB-SJ200-150-315 400 32 59 Ф200 Ф150 7 75 1120
    33 FMB-SJ200-150-400 400 50 62 Ф200 Ф150 7 110 1480
    34 FMB-SJ250-200-250 650 20 68 Ф200 Ф150 7.5 75 1150
    35 FMB-SJ250-200-315 650 32 66 Ф200 Ф150 7.5 110 1620
    36 FMB-SJ250-200-400 650 50 65 Ф200 Ф150 7.5 132 1880
    37 FMB-SJ300-250-315 1000 32 70 Ф300 Ф250 8 160 2150
    38 FMB-SJ300-250-400 1000 50 66 Ф300 Ф250 8 250 2800
    Installation dimensions Size chart
    Model Outside and installing size Inlet flange size Exit flange size
    L L1 S P f W T H h X D c a b n-φd k g i n-φt
    FMB-SJ32-25-125 827 775 485 185 100 370 320 347 197 74.5 24 32 140 100 4-φ18 25 115 75 4-φ13.5
    FMB-SJ32-25-160 985 880 600 182 102 385 335 408 232 90 24 32 140 100 4-φ18 25 115 75 4-φ13.5
    FMB-SJ40-32-160 985 880 600 182 102 385 335 416 232 93.5 24 40 150 110 4-φ18 32 140 100 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ50-32-160 990 880 600 182 102 385 335 416 232 93.5 24 50 165 125 4-φ18 32 140 100 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ50-40-200 1100 950 650 205 120 435 385 450 240 108 25 50 165 125 4-φ18 40 150 110 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ65-50-160 1100 630 650 200 113 435 385 407 232 95 25 65 185 145 4-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ65-50-200 1255 1128 740 228 120 500 435 470 260 105 25 65 185 145 4-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ65-50-250 1340 1190 800 230 130 480 530 585 325 165 25 65 185 145 4-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ65-50-315 1165 1110 740 230 130 530 480 585 325 165 25 65 185 145 4-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-65-160 1245 1130 740 233 125 500 435 470 260 110 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 65 185 145 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-65-200 1320 1140 740 237 130 490 440 480 260 125 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-50-250 1520 1465 940 264 125 600 550 605 325 170 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-50-315 1181 1140 740 228 125 490 440 585 305 170 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 50 165 125 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-65-315 1340 1110 740 250 135 530 480 595 325 170 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 65 185 145 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ80-65-400 1515 1340 840 300 170 620 560 745 410 210 25 80 200 160 8-φ18 65 185 145 4-φ18
    FMB-SJ100-80-160 1320 1130 740 245 139 500 435 470 260 110 25 100 220 180 8-φ18 80 200 160 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ100-80-200 1495 1350 945 264 130 590 535 530 300 125 25 100 220 180 8-φ18 80 200 160 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ100-80-315 1400 1350 940 264 144 540 490 630 350 160 25 100 220 180 8-φ18 80 200 160 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ100-80-400 1515 1400 940 218 150 600 550 680 400 238 24 100 220 180 8-φ18 80 200 160 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ125-100-250 1480 1350 940 276 156 540 490 575 325 165 24 125 250 210 8-φ18 100 220 180 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ125-100-315 1830 1500 940 468 328 620 550 760 440 190 25 125 250 210 8-φ18 100 220 180 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ125-100-400 1830 1500 940 475 335 620 550 910 475 223 25 125 250 210 8-φ18 100 220 180 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ150-125-250 1610 1400 940 285 190 600 550 600 350 188 24 150 285 240 8-φ22 125 250 210 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ150-125-315 1950 1500 940 496 356 620 550 945 475 223 25 150 285 240 8-φ18 125 250 210 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ150-125-400 2070 1620 1060 522 362 670 600 1012 510 270 28 150 285 240 8-φ18 125 250 210 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ200-150-250 1840 1620 1060 376 216 670 600 745 460 213 28 200 340 295 12-φ22 150 285 240 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ200-150-315 2070 1620 1060 528 368 670 600 1022 510 270 28 200 340 295 12-φ22 150 285 240 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ200-150-400 2338 1890 1240 528 368 790 720 1042 530 270 36 200 340 295 12-φ22 150 285 240 8-φ18
    FMB-SJ250-200-250 1955 1620 1060 400 240 670 600 806 510 244 28 250 405 355 12-φ22 200 340 295 12-φ22
    FMB-SJ250-200-315 2385 1890 1240 534 374 790 720 1102 580 305 36 250 405 355 12-φ22 200 340 295 12-φ22
    FMB-SJ250-200-400 2420 1890 1240 535 375 790 720 1102 580 305 36 250 405 355 12-φ22 200 340 295 12-φ22

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